2. FAQ

1. How safe is it to rent shoes worn by another person?

We sterilize and disinfect every pair between each rental.  Our rental shoes are cleaner than your own shoes that you have worn just once! The shoes are 99.9% germ free.  

2. Why is the rental period 5 days?

  • 3 day window before you intend to wear the rental to try on for size or unfortunate weather delivery delays
  • 1 day to wear to event
  • 1 day to return to postal carrier   

3. Can I buy my rental?

Once our rental has been taken out of circulation, it then becomes available for purchase.  If you would like to be contacted as soon as the shoe becomes available for sale, please sign up for our news letter to be notified before it goes on sale on the website.

4. What is considered "normal wear and tear"?

Shoes will get a bit scuffed and a bit dirty as we do expect you to wear them outdoors. If you wear the shoes as if they were being borrowed from your "Best Friend" and you want to make sure she will let you borrow again, I am sure you know how to take care them.

5. What if I damage the shoes?

We know things happen sometimes beyond your control, if we feel that is the case, we will repair the shoes at our cost if reasonable.  If not, usually we can repair damaged shoes for $50 or less, so let us handle it.  You would be surprised what we can do! 

Fee for damaged shoes beyond normal wear and tear:

         50 to 100% of retail shoe value (depending on age of shoe).

        The good news, we ship them back to you - now you own them!

$50 for each missing, incomplete or damaged Designer Dust Bag or Designer Box.

 6. What happens if my rental is stolen?  

When you rent, you are taking responsibility for what ever happens to them once signed for at delivery and until you hand them over to the correct mail carrier.  You will be charged the retail value of the shoes for the loss.

7. What if I am late returning the shoes?

Let us know that you will be late and we can discuss options to work with you.  If we do not hear from you, we charge $50.00 per day that the carrier does not receive the  return package.  First day of 5 day rental starts when the mail carrier attempts 1st delivery.  If a Sunday or a Holiday in those 5 days, they do count as part of the 5 day rental period.  When your return date lands on a Sunday or Federal Holiday, you are to return the rental by noon the following business day.

8. What if the shoes do not fit?

We advise to size up a half size if you are unsure of a fit so that you can utilize the Heel Kit items we send along with every rental just in case you need adjustment. Technogel Foot Pad is sometimes enough to make a better fit.  If the pair is too small, do not wear them and call 877-825-8703 ASAP to let us know.  You can return unworn shoes within 24 hours of delivery to get a full credit for a future rental.  

Be aware that your size can change due to any of the following reasons:

  • Weight change 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Menopause 
  • Medication side effects 
  • Wearing heels more often 
  • Wearing flats more often 
  • Going barefoot more often

  If you do not see your size, please tell us what it is and we will try to add it as we expand! Please Click contact page to let us know.

9. Who can sign for my package at delivery?  

Any person at delivery address is eligible to sign for you.  We recommend delivery to your work address if possible.

10. Do you ship outside the USA?

At this time we only ship within the USA. 

11. Can you ship to my Hotel while I am traveling?

Yes, we can ship anywhere in the USA.  Hotels require the name of the registered guest and the arrival date to be on the shipping label.  If you are staying in a room as a guest but not registered, be sure to provide name of the registered guest on your shipping address.


 Happy Designer Shoe Renting!