Shoes are shipped to arrive 3 days prior to your event date so you can try them on for size. 

Wear them on day 4 and return on day 5 or next business day if a holiday or weekend. 

All shoes are sterilized to be completely hygienic and in great condition.

However, we are aware things can go wrong, either on our end or yours, all we ask is that you communicate with us so we can help make it right for all involved.  We want to avoid having to charge any of the following fees.

Usually we can repair damaged shoes for $50 or less, so let us handle it.  You would be surprised what we can do! 

Fee for damaged shoes beyond normal wear and tear:

        50 to 100% of retail shoe value (depending on age of shoe).

        The good news, we ship them back to you - now you own them!

 $50 for each day shoes are not post marked by return date.

$50 for each missing, incomplete or damaged Designer Dust Bag or Designer Box

Retail Cost of shoes will be charged for missing shoes.