Metallic Leather Cut Out Bootie $1,350 (size 6)

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Heel: 120mm with 10mm platform effective rise ~ 4.3 inches
5 Day Rental: 3 Days prior to your event is our goal for delivery. 4th Day - show off your rental! 5th Day - return rental (if a Sunday or Holiday return next business day before noon)
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$1350.00 Retail Value

Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Cutout Bootie size 36 made in Italy / size 6 US fits true to size.  Around ankle, the area is average to slightly roomy for thicker ankle.  Be aware if you need to wear a thicker sock that you do not have really thick ankles.

Size 6 average will fit great as is

Size 5.5 average to slightly plump foot will fit.

Size 5.5 thin foot can wear with light sock.

Size 5 average will fit with a medium sock.

Size 5 plump foot will fit as is.

Size 5 thin foot can fit with a thicker sock.  

This is a rental of Authentic Designer footwear, guaranteed!

  1.  We sterilize our rentals using UV radiation system for 100% satisfaction! 
  2.  Normal wear and tear is accepted - treat them with respect as you would your own shoes.
  3.  Shipping is free anywhere in the USA, but we do require a signature at delivery.
  4.  No membership fee required.
  5.  No deposit required.
  6.  No credit check required.
  7.  Signature on rental contract will be required to confirm your order (sent to your email).
  8.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact us!

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