Free Round Trip Shipping

Free in the USA as long as order is placed 6 days prior to Event Date.  


Express Ship is $35

If Event Date is between 3 to 5 days away, you must use Express Shipping.


Overnight Ship: 

Only by request.  If Event Date is less than 3 days away, please contact us 1st to see what is possible.  



We can ship to Hotel or Resort in the USA, so no need to pack your rentals!  Just be sure to put the name of the registered guest on the shipping address if you are not the registered guest.


Return Shipping:

We provide everything you need to return shoes with ease. Just make sure to drop it off with the appropriate mail carrier on day 5 of your rental (or earlier).  As soon as it is handed over to the carrier, we will get a notice that you have returned your rental and your part is done. 

When we get rental back, we will let you know via email or text so you won't have to wonder if it made it back.

Looking forward to having you take another pair of our Beauties out on the town!