Sizing Details Matter!


We hope you find a pair that will fit your foot just like Cinderella did on her magical night....Sure, if you believe in Fairy Tales!!

At LuxBodega, we take time to review each shoe to categorize how it actually fits.  You can chose how you prefer to shop.  

1. Label Size: this is what the manufacture states on the shoe. Click "SIZES" for drop down menu above.

2. Realistic Size: actual fit when not running true to size.  Click "SIZE GROUPS" for drop down menu above.

Please do your part in getting your foot measured with a device such as the Brannock, to know your true size and width. Most shoe stores have these available.  You will avoid the worry of having to do an exchange within a tight window before your special event.

If you do not see your size on our site, please tell us what it is and we will try to add it as we expand! Please Click over to our contact page. 


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